Oklahoma News
12:18 pm
Mon January 26, 2015

Blackwell Gas Leak Sends 38 Students And Faculty To Hospital

Blackwell Public Schools
Credit http://www.blackwell.k12.ok.us/

Authorities in Blackwell say a gas leak in a school gymnasium has sent 35 students and three faculty members to the hospital.

Officials say the leak occurred in the high school practice gymnasium in the Kay County community about 9 a.m. as the middle school boys basketball team and varsity cheer squad were practicing. Some students began to feel sick and a couple of students passed out in the shower area.

The students and faculty members were taken to Blackwell Regional Hospital and administered oxygen. All are expected to recover.

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Oklahoma Voices
11:26 am
Mon January 26, 2015

Stateline: Cowboys Of Color

The cowboy is an American icon. The Hollywood image of the cowboys is lone, rugged and white, but in reality the old west was very diverse, and many of the cowboys were African-American or Hispanic.

Every year, culturally diverse cowboys from all over the country come to the Cowboys of Color Rodeo in Oklahoma City.

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Oklahoma News
10:55 am
Mon January 26, 2015

Pending Supreme Court Review, Attorney General Requests Stays Of Oklahoma Executions

Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt prepares to greet Gov. Mary Fallin at the 2013 State of the State address at the state Capitol.
Joe Wertz StateImpact Oklahoma

Monday morning Attorney General Scott Pruitt asked for stays of execution for three Oklahoma death row inmates until either the U.S. Supreme Court reaches a decision in the state’s use of the controversial drug midazolam, or the Oklahoma Department of Corrections finds another drug to use in the lethal injection procedures.

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8:42 am
Mon January 26, 2015

Deeply Conservative Oklahoma Adjusts To Sudden Arrival Of Same-Sex Marriage

In this profile from Saturday's edition of The Washington Post, the range of reactions to one Norman couple's plans to wed after the U.S. Supreme Court upheld lower court rulings overturning Oklahoma's ban on same-sex marriage.
The "polite gays," was how Tracy and Kathryn described themselves. Not political or loud, not obvious or overt, but understated, in keeping with their Oklahoma surroundings. Never asking anyone to think too hard or talk too much about the fact that they were gay at all.
The Two-Way
7:45 am
Mon January 26, 2015

Hagel: Stress Of 'Nonstop War' Forcing Out Good Soldiers

Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel.
Ariel Zambelich NPR

Originally published on Mon January 26, 2015 7:58 am

Outgoing Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel, speaking to NPR's Morning Edition, says he's concerned about retaining qualified U.S. military service members amid the "stress and strain" of more than 13 years of continuous warfare in Afghanistan and Iraq.

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Politics and Government
5:07 am
Mon January 26, 2015

Oklahoma Supreme Court To Decide Prague Earthquake Lawsuit

The Oklahoma Supreme Court in 2015: Standing (Left to Right): Vice-Chief Justice Douglas L. Combs Justice James E. Edmondson, Justice Steven W. Taylor, Justice Noma Gurich. Sitting (Left to Right): Justice Joseph M. Watt, Chief Justice John F. Reif, Justice Tom Colbert, Justice Yvonne Kauger, Justice James R. Winchester
Credit Oklahoma State Courts Network

The Oklahoma Supreme Court has decided to consider whether two oil companies can be held liable for injuries a Prague woman suffered during a 2011 earthquake.

The lawsuit by Sandra Ladra of Prague is among dozens of lawsuits filed in the past several years across the country alleging oil and gas companies are responsible for earthquakes.

Similar lawsuits seeking class-action status have been filed against energy companies in Arkansas and Texas.

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4:54 am
Mon January 26, 2015

Report Shows Increasing Number Of Newborns Testing Positive For Drugs In Oklahoma

Credit sabianmaggy / Flickr Creative Commons

The Oklahoma Department of Human Services says hospitals in the state are reporting an increasing number of newborns who tested positive for drugs or alcohol at birth.

The Oklahoman reports the agency listed 375 addicted newborns in the 12-months ending June 30, the latest data available. Of those, 42 babies showed symptoms of withdrawal, which can include seizures, excessive crying, fever, sweating and vomiting.

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Business and Economy
9:05 am
Sun January 25, 2015

Oklahoma Women's Annual Average Income Low Compared To National Averages

Credit The Southwest Information Office of the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

A recent study shows Oklahoma women among the lowest full-time average earnings in the nation.

On the low end of the scale, Oklahoma and Louisiana women had average earnings of $591 per week, compared to Massachusetts at $900 per week, the state with the highest median earnings.

The information is found in The Southwest Information Office of the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics report, Women’s Earnings in Oklahoma – 2013.

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8:27 am
Sun January 25, 2015

Joy Hofmeister Wants To Improve Public Education

New State Superintendent of Public Instruction Joy Hofmeister faces big challenges in the effort to improve Oklahoma’s public education.

A recently released report ranks Oklahoma 48th out of 50 states and the District of Columbia for the quality of education provided to students.

Oklahoma education faces financial challenges and growing teacher shortages.


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Politics and Government
8:17 am
Sun January 25, 2015

Mental Health Agency Hopes For No Funding Cuts

Terri White, Commissioner, The Oklahoma Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services.
Credit ok.gov

The Oklahoma Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services (ODMHSAS) Commissioner Terri White said she is hopeful the agency will be one of the few not receiving budget cuts this legislative session at a board meeting on Friday.

White hopes the support from Governor Mary Fallin will ensure a stable budget for the agency in the nest fiscal year.

In her inaugural speech, Fallin noted three of her priority areas: educational attainment, over-incarceration and health.

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