• APRIL 9 - AUGUST 1
  • Oklahoma Contemporary Arts Center, Oklahoma City
  • April 9, 2018 to
    August 1, 2018
  • Categories: Kids & Family, Arts & Crafts

Event Details

  • April 9, 2018 to
    August 1, 2018
  • 9:00 am - 4:00 pm
  • $100-$215 per camp. Go green and save $5 by enrolling online.
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Event Description

With a different artist each of 11 weeks and nearly 60 camps for students in K–ninth grade, there’s plenty to explore at Keep kids creative and learning in camps featuring visual arts, music, hip-hop, fiber, clay, performance, robotics and more. Week 6 | July 9-13 jumpstART: Ages 4-5 | Alison Harris Our jumpstART program will get any young artist up and moving with art! This half-day camp (9 a.m. - noon) includes music, movement and visual art activities that will ignite their curiosity. Ages 5-6 | Printmaking Explorers | Annalisa Campbell What adventure will you explore through printmaking? Perhaps a favorite vacation, a hidden hideout or a winding hiking path? Explore new methods in printmaking as we map out our favorite places. Be prepared to venture to the deep seas and highest mountains. Ages 5-6 | Mini Performers | Alyssa Marie Pearson Learn the basics of working together through singing, dancing and movement. Exercise your vocal and performance skills all while having a blast! On Friday, campers perform for family and friends at the Camp Contemporary Showcase. Ages 7-9 | Shadow Sculptures | BC Sommers Explore the world of light and shadow and learn about artist Kumi Yamashita and her wondrous shadow sculptures. This camp will include instruction in shadow-puppetry techniques, overhead and slide projections, shadow screens, light-board art, installation and group storytelling. You won’t want to miss this dynamic camp! Ages 7-9 | Clay Creations | Perla Contreras Clay is one of the most versatile mediums in art. Learn handbuilding techniques like pinching, coiling and modeling to create your own one-of-a-kind clay works. Ages 10-12 | 3-D Installation Art | Taylor Knight Check out contemporary artist Kirk Maxson and focus on artworks using multiple copies of an object, shape and form to make one unified body of work. Explore how the use of repetition and rhythm can be used to form a holistic hanging piece of art. ----- Week 7 | July 16-20 Ages 5-6 | Big and Bold! | Kelly Smith Focus on shapes and colors and get ready to work BIG in this exciting camp. Use your hands and imagination to draw, collage and paint artworks that are big and bold. Ages 5-6 | Underwater Art World | Leslie Hensley Splash into creativity! Inspired by artist Jason deCaires Taylor and his underwater sculptures, use recycled and environmentally friendly materials to make an underwater world of your own. Ages 7-9 | Origami Everything | G. Patrick Riley This camp focuses on the ancient art of origami while looking at contemporary artist Kevin Box. Create large and small origami animals using paper, cardboard, watercolor, paints and more. It’s origami time! Ages 7-9 | Theater Performance | Alyssa Marie Pearson This fun and active camp teaches young thespians the basics of working together to create and execute a skit. Exercise your vocal and performance skills all while having a blast! On Friday, campers will perform their short play for family and friends at the Camp Contemporary Showcase. Ages 10-12 | Animation Installation | Nicole Emmons-Willis Immersive art often combines elements of sculpture and installation. In Oklahoma City, Factory Obscura's Shift at Current Studio demonstrated how rich this experience can be. Join us and experiment with a variety of animation techniques and add the element of projection to enhance the viewer’s experience and completely immerse them in art! ----- Week 8 | July 23-27 Ages 5-6 | Pop Art Kids | Becki Lowber-Collins Pop Art is the focus of this camp. Use your imagination and learn new drawing, painting, collage and printmaking skills that incorporate pop culture, everyday objects and comics into your work. Ages 5-6 | Shining Sculptures | Leslie Hensley It’s your time to SHINE! Inspired by Japanese sculptor Toshihiko Mitsuya, build wondrous shining sculptures and installations made completely out of alumin

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