Renee Montagne en Miranda Lambert And The Soft Side Of Tough <p></p> Fri, 11 Jul 2014 13:37:58 +0000 Renee Montagne 33154 at Miranda Lambert And The Soft Side Of Tough Istalif Potter Hopes Next Afghan President Will Serve The Country Transcript <p>RENEE MONTAGNE, HOST: <p>This is MORNING EDITION, from NPR News. I'm Renee Montagne.<p>STEVE INSKEEP, HOST: <p>And I'm Steve Inskeep.<p>Afghanistan is poised to enter a new era. For the first time in its long history, one elected president will hand over power to another. We do not know yet who that new president will be. There will likely be a runoff between the two top vote-getters next month.<p>MONTAGNE: All over Afghanistan, change is in the air, which is why on my recent trip to the country, I returned to a village called Istalif, famous for its pottery. Thu, 01 May 2014 09:17:00 +0000 Renee Montagne 28362 at An Afghan Village Of Drug Addicts, From Ages 10 To 60 Herat is one of the most graceful cities in Afghanistan. Wed, 30 Apr 2014 07:31:00 +0000 Renee Montagne 28276 at An Afghan Village Of Drug Addicts, From Ages 10 To 60 Supreme Court Rules On Race-Based College Admissions Transcript <p>STEVE INSKEEP, HOST: <p>It's MORNING EDITION from NPR News. I'm Steve Inskeep.<p>RENEE MONTAGNE, HOST: <p>And I'm Renee Montagne.<p>The Supreme Court this morning, upheld a ban on using racial preferences in admissions to the public universities of Michigan. The ban was enacted by referendum as an amendment to the state constitution in 2006 and struck down by a lower court. Today, the justices voted 6-to-2 to say the federal courts could not do that and the ban had to stand.<p>NPR's Nina Totenberg joins us now to talk more about this. Tue, 22 Apr 2014 16:34:00 +0000 Renee Montagne 27757 at Afghanistan Is Another Dangerous Place For Journalists It was particularly difficult to report from Afghanistan during the recent presidential election because members of the Taliban were trying to disrupt the voting. They were also targeting Westerners. Mon, 21 Apr 2014 09:33:00 +0000 Renee Montagne 27648 at Afghanistan Is One Step Closer To Karzai's Successor On Saturday, voters turned out in large numbers despite threats of Taliban violence. It will take weeks to learn who will become Afghanistan's next president. Hamid Karzai can't run for a third term Mon, 07 Apr 2014 09:14:00 +0000 Renee Montagne 26721 at Backroom Intrigue Persists In Afghan Presidential Election Morning Edition co-host Renee Montagne is in Afghanistan following the leading candidates in Saturday's presidential election. The top-two contenders are: Zalmai Rassoul and Abdullah Abdullah. Fri, 04 Apr 2014 08:59:00 +0000 Renee Montagne 26579 at To Broaden Appeal, Afghan Candidates Make Surprising Choices As Afghans prepare to choose a new president Saturday, it's hard not to notice a striking contradiction.<p>The three leading candidates are all urbane, Westernized men inclined to wear suits and ties in public. Thu, 03 Apr 2014 10:13:00 +0000 Renee Montagne 26508 at To Broaden Appeal, Afghan Candidates Make Surprising Choices With No Karzai On Ballot, Afghans Study Presidential Candidates Voters in Afghanistan will elect a new president this weekend. For the first time since America went to war there, President Hamid Karzai will not be on the ballot. Mon, 31 Mar 2014 09:12:00 +0000 Renee Montagne 26261 at Man Finds More Than A Nest Egg At Flea Market A scrap metal dealer bought a golden egg at a flea market for $14,000 and planned to melt it for a profit. But he discovered it was a Faberge egg — given by Alexander III to his empress in 1887. Thu, 20 Mar 2014 10:37:00 +0000 Renee Montagne 25562 at