Ella Taylor http://kgou.org en 'Vivian Maier' Brings Nanny-Photographer's Life Into Focus http://kgou.org/post/vivian-maier-brings-nanny-photographers-life-focus Is an artist's life relevant to her reputation as an artist? Thu, 27 Mar 2014 22:52:00 +0000 Ella Taylor 26105 at http://kgou.org 'Vivian Maier' Brings Nanny-Photographer's Life Into Focus 'Inescapable' Ambiguities In Prewar Syria http://kgou.org/post/inescapable-ambiguities-prewar-syria It's hard to imagine an upside to the civil war now causing unspeakable suffering in Syria. But the conflict has turned out to be a break for the makers of <em>Inescapable</em>, a feverish political thriller written and directed by Ruba Nadda, a Canadian of Syrian origin whose last film was the languorous 2009 romance <em>Cairo Time</em>.<p>Set in Damascus in 2011, on the eve of the uprising against President Bashar Assad, the movie minces no words about the brutal police state he has kept in trim since the 2000 death of his father, Hafez Assad. Thu, 21 Feb 2013 22:03:00 +0000 Ella Taylor 649 at http://kgou.org 'Inescapable' Ambiguities In Prewar Syria