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A report released by the Office of Management and Enterprise Services says 30 state agency directors received raises of at least $10,000 last fiscal year, with some receiving more than double that amount.

John Cox and Joy Hofmeister met to discuss public education Oct. 19 at Norman's Santa Fe Depot
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In this year’s midterm elections, Oklahomans have already made up their minds on many of the candidates. But when it comes to the race for State Superintendent of Public Instruction, things aren’t so cut and dry. The race for the head education position may be chosen by a group of still-undecided voters.

Senate Discusses Expanding Virtual Coursework

Oct 20, 2014
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The Legislature may add responsibilities to the Statewide Vitural Charter School Board in the form of oversight of virtual course selection for Oklahoma school districts through potential legislation, Sen. Gary Stanislawski said Monday.

Stanislawski, R-Tulsa, said in an Interim Study S14-23 evaluating virtual courses offered in schools that he is considering proposed legislation to increase online coursework available to Oklahoma students. 

John Cox and Joy Hofmeister met to discuss public education Oct. 19 at Norman's Santa Fe Depot
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The Republican and Democratic contenders to become Oklahoma's top education official both are endorsing pay raises for teachers and a reduction in the number of tests public school students must take every year. 

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Two Oklahoma Air National Guard F-16 fighter jets flying a training exercise out of Tulsa collided in midair over southern Kansas, causing one of the pilots to eject from the aircraft.

Oklahoma National Guard spokesman Col. Max Moss says neither pilot was seriously injured in the collision Monday afternoon southwest of Howard, Kansas.

Moss says the pilot of one jet was able to return to Tulsa International Airport and landed safely. That aircraft was met on the tarmac by several fire and rescue vehicles.

The second jet crashed and burned in a field in Kansas.

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Law officers are asking the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation how to best collect genetic material from people convicted of certain misdemeanors and enter the information into a national database.

Oklahoma law, since 2009, has allowed police to take DNA samples from people convicted of serious misdemeanors, but the Oklahoman newspaper reported Monday that material has only been taken from a relative few.

A meeting has been set for Tuesday so police, sheriffs, district attorneys and judges can discuss how to address the shortcoming.

Alan Hruby
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Hundreds have gathered in Duncan to honor the memories of a newspaper publisher who was slain along with his wife and daughter.

An overflow of attendees at the First United Methodist Church on Sunday came together in song, speeches and prayer. John, Tinker and Katherine Hruby were found dead in their home on Oct. 13. Prosecutors say the Hruby's son killed them in hopes of inheriting money to pay off mounting debts.

It's hard to divine, on paper anyway, a formula for effectively covering The Beatles' Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band in its entirety. It's not an album that had been crying out for improvement — to put it mildly — nor has it ever receded far enough toward the cultural margins to require rediscovery. These songs still occupy the ether of the everyday, even for those who've never sat down and studied the record from front to back.

Democratic superintendent canddiate John Cox and Republican nominee Joy Hofmeister exchange words during an Oct. 19, 2014 debate at the Norman Depot.
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The two candidates for the office of State Superintendent of Public Instruction met for a debate Sunday afternoon in Norman.

Both Democrat John Cox and Republican Joy Hofmeister said they oppose the A-F grading system for public schools, and mentioned their dislike of the Common Core. Cox said he wants to see new education standards created by the state.

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Update, 7:53 a.m.: No Ebola threat for Oklahoma students, staff

The Oklahoma State Department of Health says Moore Public Schools students and staff members who were on the same Caribbean cruise ship as a health worker who worked with Ebola patient Thomas Eric Duncan's lab specimens can return to school Tuesday.

State Health Commissioner Dr. Terry Cline said in a letter to parents and students Monday the Texas Health Presbyterian worker never showed any symptoms of illness during the Carnival Magic cruise, and tests for the Ebola virus came back negative.