Oklahoma Tornado Project
6:54 pm
Mon June 9, 2014

Moore Hospital Shares More Than Tornado Destruction With Joplin

An aerial view of the new Mercy hospital in Joplin, Mo.
Credit Mercy Health Care System

As residents of Moore, Okla. remembered the one-year anniversary of the deadly tornado that ripped through their community by breaking ground on a new hospital, they could also look toward the state's northeast corner for a symbol of hope.

This May marked the three-year anniversary of the EF-5 tornado that hit Joplin, Mo., just across the Oklahoma border. Both communities lost a hospital in their storms, and Joplin’s new health care facilities are signs of overall recovery and revival.

John’s Hospital in Joplin, now known as Mercy, was ravaged beyond repair on May 22, 2011. The tornado took six lives there. At nearby Freeman Hospital, veteran nurse Leslie Allen and the emergency room were inundated with the injured.

“Elbow to elbow, limping, body parts hanging, wraps to control bleeding; they were just shoulder-to-shoulder, and it looked like a scene out of a horror movie,” Allen said.

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Will start arriving Friday
6:08 pm
Mon June 9, 2014

Illegal Child Immigrants To Be Housed At Fort Sill

Credit duggar11 /

Officials say unaccompanied children who were apprehended as they tried to enter the U.S. illegally will be housed at Fort Sill by the end of the week.

Fort Sill announced Monday that between 600 to 1,200 children will reside at the installation on a temporary basis until they can be reunited with their families or placed with a sponsor.

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services' Administration for Children and Families will be responsible for their care. An agency spokesman says the children are expected to arrive at Fort Sill starting Friday.

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Kept For Independent Autopsy
5:10 pm
Mon June 9, 2014

Body Of Inmate Returns From Texas Minus Heart And Larynx

Credit Kenny Louie /

 A state medical official says the body of an Oklahoma inmate who died of what corrections officials had said was an apparent heart attack after a botched execution was returned from an independent autopsy without the heart or larynx.

Oklahoma Medical Examiner's Office spokeswoman Amy Elliott said Monday the Dallas County Medical Examiner's office retained the body parts, a practice she said is not uncommon. Dallas County officials did not immediately return messages Monday.

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OK Veteran's Affairs Delays
1:57 pm
Mon June 9, 2014

Audit Reveals OK Veterans Affairs Hospital Delays

Credit Simon Cunningham /

A newly released audit has found that new patients seeking health care at the Muskogee and Oklahoma City VA hospitals waited an average of 31 and 44 days, respectively, to be seen.

Monday's audit released by the Department of Veterans Affairs found that 464 new patients at the two facilities waited more than 60 days for an appointment.

The audit also found that established patients at both care centers had waits averaging just over two days to be seen.

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Oklahoma Voices
11:00 am
Mon June 9, 2014

Four Takeaways From The 2014 Legislative Session

LLudo Flickr Creative Commons

Now that the dust has settled at the state Capitol after the May 23 end of the 2014 Oklahoma legislative session, journalists, lobbyists and the public will try to figure out what the legislature did (or didn’t) accomplish as lawmakers shift their focus to a contentious primary season ahead of June 24.

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Business Intelligence Report
9:31 am
Mon June 9, 2014

Top Business Stories: Hotel Investors, Pigeons & Busses

A Cabela's near Fort Worth, Texas.
Credit Matt Howry / Flickr Creative Commons

Two weeks ago, the Oklahoma City Council agreed to consider giving incentives to Cabela’s, an outdoor retailer.

Then, the company announced that it will build an 80,000-square-foot store in the new Chisholm Creek development. That project is coming together near the John Kilpatrick Turnpike and Western Avenue.

The city admitted that it was negotiating with the store before the announcement.

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Three Republicans and Four Democrats Running
8:49 am
Sun June 8, 2014

Common Core Repeal Heats Up Primary Race

Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin's decision to set aside Common Core education standards further heats up an already-hot race for state schools superintendent.

Fallin signed a bill Thursday repealing standards set to take effect in August. Oklahoma returns to guidelines in place before 2010, but will set new ones.

Both Fallin and incumbent state superintendent Janet Barresi initially supported Common Core but changed their positions. Even before the bill was passed, Barresi drew two GOP challengers this year. Conservatives have said they fear Common Core allows too much federal influence over state schools.

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No Vaccine for Humans
8:20 am
Sun June 8, 2014

Horse Owners Warned About West Nile Virus

Three Horses Near Turley, Oklahoma
Credit Oakley Originals / Flickr Creative Commons

Oklahoma horse owners are being encouraged to vaccinate their animals against the potentially deadly West Nile Virus and Eastern Equine Encephalitis diseases.

The Oklahoma Department of Agriculture, Food and Forestry reports about 40 cases in each of the past two years in which horses in the state have been infected with the diseases.

The diseases are often carried by birds and transferred to mosquitoes, which spread the viruses through bites to both horses and humans.

While there are vaccines for horses there are, as yet, no vaccines for humans.

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Manager's Desk
6:00 am
Sun June 8, 2014

Jazz In June 2014

Jazz in June, Inc.
Credit Jazz in June, Inc.

June 8, 2014

This is from the Manager’s Desk.

Next week, Jazz in June’s annual concerts, clinics and musician jams are here in Norman. Check the Jazz in June web page for more information about the concerts – from locations, times, the artistic line up and more. 

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Indian Times
9:20 pm
Fri June 6, 2014

OKC Indian Clinic To Host Wellness Walk At Remington Park

Credit Oklahoma City Indian Clinic

The Oklahoma City Indian Clinic is hosting a Walk for Wellness on June 14 at Remington Park. The Clinic is trying to promote healthy lifestyles by engaging the whole family in healthy activities. Steve Daugherty is the health promotion and disease prevention coordinator for the clinic.

"There's several changes that we all need to make. Being natives we're more prevalent to diabetes and heart disease," Daugherty said.

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