Abortion Restriction Bills Advance in House

Mar 13, 2013

OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) A pair of bills that make it more difficult for girls younger than 18 to have an abortion without notifying their parents have easily cleared the Oklahoma House. The House on Tuesday approved the bills that would limit the ability of teenage girls to have a judge allow them to get an abortion without parental consent.

The first bill by Democratic Rep. Rebecca Hamilton of Oklahoma City would require parental notification in all cases, except for medical emergencies or if the girl was a victim of sexual or physical abuse by a parent. It passed 80-12. The second bill by Edmond Republican Randy Grau would require judicial waivers be sought in the district where the minor resides. It passed 81-13. House Bill 1588 House Bill 1361  Another proposal approve by the Oklahoma House would add more than two dozen questions that abortion providers must answer as part of a questionnaire gathered by the state. The House voted 79-15 on Tuesday for the bill that modifies the Individual Abortion Form, an extensive questionnaire that includes more than 40 main questions and dozens of other, smaller questions. The bill now heads to the Senate. Hominy Republican Rep. Sean Roberts sponsored the bill. He says his goal is to update the reporting requirements to reflect changes in abortion law and help state policymakers determine why abortions are sought. Opponents argued the measure is an attempt to intimidate abortion providers and that legislators should not be interfering with the practice of medical doctors.   House Bill 2015