Addiction, Relationships Focus Of New Movie

May 31, 2013

A new film from the Oklahoma City metro’s Fall Films dealing with addiction and its affect on relationships premieres Saturday at Oklahoma Contemporary.

Tarsus features the group of young actors that have been a part of other Fall Films productions, including Danny Marroquin and Rebecca Cox.

Marroquin plays struggling crack and cocaine addict Johnny McGuire who meets up with Cox’s character, Patricia Peters, at a Narcotics Anonymous meeting.

Patty is a former “meth head-prostitute-burglar” who is trying to get her life together after time in prison, but finds herself in yet another perilous situation as the police come close to finding her ex-boyfriend’s meth lab.

“It’s by far my most challenging role,” said Cox. “Mentally and emotionally it was draining, portraying someone who is an addict, but also struggling with relationships and traumas.”

Viewers of the movie are likely to recognize people they know in the characters they see on the screen, according to Marroquin.

“I’ve already heard feedback from one screening we had,” he said. “Somebody sat down next to Mickey (Reece), our director, and said, ‘My mother was addicted to meth,’ and she was thanking him for making the movie and making it feel real and respectful.”

The doors open for the premiere of Tarsus at 8 p.m. Saturday at Oklahoma Contemporary, with music from Amanda Cunningham and local craft beer from Titswiggle. Admission is $5. The movie is expected to begin at 9 p.m.

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