Celebrating Thanksgiving - 7 Years In KGOU's Still-New Studios

Nov 24, 2013

Kurt Gwartney hosts "Morning Edition" from the studios of KGOU.
Credit Laura Knoll / KGOU

As we celebrate Thanksgiving and express our gratitude, I’m thankful to celebrate KGOU’s 7th anniversary in the new studios in Copeland Hall.  We made our first broadcast from here in the early hours of Friday, November 17th in 2006. 

The performance studio furniture can be rearranged for many purposes: panel discussions, staff meetings, musical performances and membership drives.
Credit Laura Knoll / KGOU

It was a tremendous move – from 1,500 square feet and 2 studios, to 4,000 sq. feet, 6 studios and a usable performance studio.  The new facility enabled the KGOU staff to produce more local programs, to be more efficient, and to include more students in our operations.

Production Room 1 at KGOU.
Credit Laura Knoll / KGOU

The project cost about $850,000 and thanks to the University of Oklahoma, we are paying back that obligation over ten years.  We have just three more payments, thanks to capital grants from the Ethics and Excellence in Journalism Foundation, the Kerr Foundation, the Zarrow Foundation, and many gifts from individual listeners. 

Thanks.  And Happy Thanksgiving to all!

From the Manager’s Desk, I’m Karen Holp.