Covering Government: The Work Of Reporters

Jul 20, 2014

Gov. Mary Fallin prepares to deliver her 2013 State of the State address, flanked by Lt. Gov. Todd Lamb, and House Speaker T.W. Shannon.
Credit Joe Wertz / StateImpact Oklahoma

July 20, 2014

This is from the Manager’s Desk.

A new study by Pew Research confirms what many of us knew … that the number of full time journalists covering state government continues to decline.  Here’s a link to that study.

Not only is the number of reporters shrinking, the number of bills the various state legislators are passing is increasing. How can 10 or 20 or 40 reporters cover all those bills, plus the state agencies that enact them, state courts that rule on them, and what happens to people because of those laws?

The study said Oklahoma has 21 state capitol reporters. That may include StateImpact Oklahoma reporters and KGOU and other public radio reporters who cover government stories.

The work KGOU and StateImpact Oklahoma does to cover state and local government is critical. We do it with your support. And we would do more if we could.


From the Manager’s Desk, I’m Karen Holp.