Fallin Bans Electronic Cigarettes And Vapor Devices

Dec 23, 2013

Gov. Mary Fallin has issued an executive order that bans the use of electronic cigarettes and vapor devices on state property, saying the potential long-term health effects of the products are unknown.

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Fallin's office released the order Monday that applies to all land and property owned or leased by the state, including state vehicles, effective Jan. 1. The only exception in the order is to residents of state residential facilities for veterans.

Fallin is an anti-smoking advocate and says that electronic cigarettes and similar products emit vapor that contains chemicals and can impact bystanders.

But the chairman of the Oklahoma Vapors Advocacy League called Fallin's decision an "abuse of power."

Chairman Sean Gore says Fallin is sidestepping the group's work with legislators to develop meaningful regulations for the products.