Fraud, Enforcement Focus Of Roofing Legislative Study

Jul 31, 2013

Rep. Jon Echols said he plans to look at the strength of current Oklahoma roofing code, both by looking at existing regulations and how they are enforced, during an interim study.

Rep. Jon Echols (R-Oklahoma City)
Credit Oklahoma House of Representatives

“We’re going to bring in all parties, regulatory parties, the roofers, and any interested parties, and talk a little bit about what’s going on in the state and out of state with roofers following Oklahoma roofing code,” said Echols (R-Oklahoma City).

Echols stressed that he was not specifically interested in expanding regulation, but he does want to know more about how regulation is utilized.

“We just need in roofing, in general, I think we need as few regulations as possible, but the ones we have we need to enforce,” said Echols. “It worries me right now, do we have the proper regulations, and if we do, do we need to get rid of some, add more, and are we enforcing them?”