GOP Lawmaker Eyes Firing Squad Option For Death Penalty

Jun 10, 2014

The execution chamber at the Utah State Prison that provides for both lethal injection and firing squad executions, the site of the last firing squad execution in the United States in 2010. The condemned was in the chair on the right; the riflemen were shooting through the small openings in the wall in the center.
Credit T. Woodward / Flickr Creative Commons

A Republican state representative from Oklahoma City says he plans to conduct a legislative study on possibly expanding Oklahoma's execution law to allow the firing squad, hanging or the electric chair.

Representative. Mike Christian said Tuesday that he's formally requesting an interim study on death penalty procedures in response to the botched execution of Clayton Lockett.

Representative Christian is a former Oklahoma Highway Patrolman. He says he believes the firing squad would be the most logical second option after lethal injection.

Christian is an outspoken supporter of the death penalty who called for the impeachment of state Supreme Court justices who supported a temporary stay of execution for Lockett earlier this year.

Lockett died after his execution was halted when prison officials determined the lethal injection drugs weren't being administered properly.

Current Oklahoma law does provide for electrocution if lethal injection is ever held to be unconstitutional and firing squad if both lethal injection and electrocution are held unconstitutional.