Gov. Fallin Staying Quiet on Teachers With Guns

Mar 14, 2013

Gov. Mary Fallin says for now, she won't comment on legislation that would allow educators with special training to carry guns inside the state's public schools.

Credit shannonpatrick17 / Flickr (Creative Commons)

Fallin says it's too early in the legislative process, since bills frequently go through a lot of changes between now and closer to the end of session.

House Bill 1062 is headed to the Senate after winning approval in the House this week.

The proposal would let administrators or teachers in Oklahoma's public schools have a loaded handgun inside the school building after passing special school resource officer training.

Fallin, speaking to KGOU and The Oklahoman Wednesday, says she is looking forward to seeing recommendations from a school safety task force become law, and would be likely to sign bills that enact those suggestions.

Some school administrators argue guns don't belong in the hands of teachers in the classroom.