Gov. Fallin Urges Washington To Take Transportation Action

Jan 14, 2014

Gov. Mary Fallin (R-Okla.) testifies Tuesday before the U.S. House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee.
Credit Provided / U.S. House

Gov. Mary Fallin testified Tuesday before the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee, urging lawmakers to negotiate a path forward on reauthorizing surface transportation.

"Well-managed dollars committed to infrastructure improvements directly impact our economy and enhance the ability of our industries to transport goods and provide services,” Fallin said. “Investing today in transportation is investing long term in our economic viability and the safety of our citizens."

Fallin spoke on behalf of the National Governors Association, which she chairs. She told the committee members the nation’s comprehensive surface transportation system supports and enhances economic growth, job creation and global competitiveness. 

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“States must make efforts to manage federal structures within individual jurisdictions,” Fallin said. “However, the burden of maintaining the nation’s entire transportation network cannot be left only to the states. Both governments must partner to invest in quality infrastructure and meet our nation’s transportation needs."

Fallin closed her testimony by arguing that state and local governments own and operate 97 percent of the country’s surface transportation systems, and contribute three-quarters of the annual operating and maintenance costs.


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