Government Budget Hurting Again In Oklahoma

Feb 24, 2014

The Oklahoma Policy Institute says although Oklahoma is now several years removed from the worst of the fiscal crisis that accompanied the Great Recession, the state continues to face significant budget challenges.

Funding levels have never fully recovered to pre-downturn levels, revenue collections are falling again, and the resources to address critical state needs are lacking.

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During the first part of the statewide budget summit, participants heard  experts discuss key budget and tax issues shaping Oklahoma’s fiscal future.

On this episode of Oklahoma Voices, there were two panel discussions. The first had Preston Doerflinger, state Secretary of Finance, Prof. Mickey Hepner, University of Central Oklahoma, Rep. Scott Inman, House minority leader, and Sterling Zearley, with the Oklahoma Public Employees Association.

One the second panel were: Meredith Exline, Parents Legislative Advocacy Committee, Nico Gomez, Oklahoma Health Care Authority, Sen. James Halligan. Senate Education Subcommittee chair, and Sean Wallace with Oklahoma Corrections Professionals.



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