House Spends Evening Debating United Nations Takeover

Mar 14, 2013

Cities and counties in Oklahoma would be prohibited from entering into any agreements with organizations accredited by the United Nations under a bill approved by the Oklahoma House.

United Nations Logo
Credit United Nations

The House on Wednesday voted 67-17 for the bill sponsored by Bethany Republican Rep. Sally Kern that targets Agenda 21, a plan developed by the United Nations to help cities and countries become more environmentally sustainable. No Republicans opposed the measure, which now heads to the Senate.

Several Democrats asked Kern how municipal and county governments would be able to identify organizations fitting the definition in the legislation.

In closing debate, Democratic Rep. Mike Shelton referred to the concerns about Agenda 21 as similar to the national paranoia during the original "War of the Worlds" radio broadcast.

Kern claims the bill is needed to protect personal property from an "intrusion of our government into personal property rights." She alleged one of the "end goals" of Agenda 21 is to keep Americans from driving cars.

Oklahoma City's planning director Russell Claus has described the opposition to Agenda 21 as an "insane conspiracy theory."