How Will OKC Handle 900,000 Residents? City Government Seeks Answers

Feb 28, 2014

Oklahoma City residents are invited to attend any of seven workshops and offer their opinions on how the city should grow.

If you think it's crowded at events like the Festival of the Arts now, what will it be like when Oklahoma City's population hits 900,000?
Credit Arts Council of Oklahoma City

The planokc workshops begin Monday and run through March 12.

About 600,000 people live in Oklahoma City now, and planners say the population is projected to grow in the state's largest city to around 900,000 during the next 40 years.

Workshop attendees can view examples of how Oklahoma City could accommodate an additional 300,000 people and around 170,000 jobs. Residents can also share their opinions about how the city should grow.

Feedback from the workshops will be used with studies, surveys and other public input to create a land use plan that will guide the city's future growth and development.