Hunters Find Skeletal Remains In Latimer Country

Nov 18, 2013

 Authorities are investigating whether skeletal remains of three people discovered in rural southeastern Oklahoma belong to a family that disappeared in 2009.

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Hunters discovered the remains Saturday near Kinta, and testing will be done to determine whether they belong to Bobby and Sherilyn Jamison and their 6-year-old daughter, Madyson.

The family disappeared in October 2009 while looking for a plot of land for sale in the Sansbois Mountains in northern Latimer County.

The Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation said the remains were found about 2.7 miles northwest of where the family's pickup was found.

The remains of two adults and one child have been sent to the state medical examiner for identification. A spokeswoman for the agency said identifying the remains could take anywhere from days to years.


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