If We Have Better Bus Service, Do I Have to Leave My BMW in the Drive?

Mar 11, 2013

Oklahoma City Council member Ed Shadid finds many bus benches unsafe and uncomfortable.
Credit Ed Shadid

 The BMW question is one Jarrett Walker received when helping a city determine the most effective form of public transit for its residents, an idea he calls "abundant access."

Walker's article in the Atlantic dealing with the problem of "bus stigma" contains many of the points he presented to about 500 people at a public transit town hall in Oklahoma City.

He told the crowd (the largest he has seen, even better than number in Seattle and San Francisco) it's up to the residents of a community to decide on transit, regardless of what the experts say.

The Oklahoma Alliance for Public Transportation put on the Feb. 26 event, and say they're going to have more in the future.

Oklahoma City Council member Ed Shadid helped organize the speakers and presented his view of what the future of transit should like like for the metro.