Jan. 13: Osage Nation Principal Chief Set For Trial

Nov 26, 2013

The Osage Nation Congress has scheduled a Jan 13 trial on proceedings seeking the ouster of Principal Chief John Red Eagle.

Osage Nation Principal Chief John Red Eagle
Credit Provided / Osage Nation

The Examiner-Enterprise reports Red Eagle faces removal on charges of malfeasance in office, arrogation of power and for allegedly disregarding his constitutional duties and oath of office. He has also been accused of abuse of the government process and undermining the integrity of the office.

A report from the Osage Congress' Select Committee of Inquiry alleges that Red Eagle interfered with and tried to stop a tribal attorney general's investigation; refused to uphold a tribal law; improperly forbade disciplinary action against a tribal Election Board employee; and that he misused more than $73,000 in Osage Nation money.

Red Eagle has called the panel's action an overreach of power.


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