Judge To Decide Wednesday On How To Bring Veronica To Adoptive Parents

Jul 29, 2013

A South Carolina judge is set to consider how to transfer a girl of Cherokee heritage from her biological father in Oklahoma to the couple seeking to adopt her.

Charleston, South Carolina courthouse
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Court records show Matt and Melanie Capobianco have a hearing in family court in Charleston on Wednesday.

The couple has been seeking to adopt the now-3-year-old girl of Cherokee heritage since her birth. The girl's biological father challenged the attempt, saying federal law favored the girl being raised by him.

State courts sent the girl to live with her father in Oklahoma in 2011. But earlier this year, with the backing of the U.S. Supreme Court, South Carolina courts ordered a family court to finalize the Capobiancos' adoption.

The biological father wants the U.S. Supreme Court to halt that process.