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Sep 29, 2013

This is Ira Glass, not Karen Holp.
Credit Jesse Thorn

September 29, 2013

It’s From the Manager’s Desk.   I’m Karen Holp.

Each membership drive, of course, we choose a theme, bring you different reasons to support that theme, reasons why you should support KGOU.

The theme for this fall:  why sound reporting needs solid support.  We’ll have stories of people doing exactly that – you know, supporting public radio.  We’ll hear from you about the programs you like.  As you support public radio.

We've arrived at Week Two before the membership drive begins.  Week Two counts down to Week One, and then it is all in motion.

This is Karen Holp, not Ira Glass.
Credit KGOU

That’s where you come in, how you make it happen.  Pledge now online at  Or call in your pledge during the drive.  Or mail in your support.  Any way you choose -- gets the job done.

So start thinking about it now.  Even better -- start doing something about it now.

I’m Karen Holp. Back next week with more stories from the Manager’s Desk.