KGOU Student Staff

Dec 8, 2013

KGOU Staff Member Kate Carlton
Credit KGOU

December 8, 2013

This is from the Manager’s Desk.   

The end of the semester here at OU has arrived and we are saying goodbye and hello to some students. 

In the Radio Practicum class, we have enjoyed students Matt Addison, Molly Evans and Nathan Harkins.  These three handled a range of activities, including preparing programs for broadcast, writing, and announcing promotional spots and community calendars.

Graduating from OU is Kate Carlton who has moved from calendars and news work to producing stories for the Oklahoma Tornado Project.  The great news is that Kate is staying on to continue that work.

Staying with us is Haley Thornton who has being doing the Community Calendars and occasional host of the news at noon.  Haley will transition into working as producer of Assignment Radio in the spring semester, and joining KGOU in a range of production, writing and on-air work is our newest student hire, Alex Hinton.

These students are a great part of the KGOU staff. 

Thanks!  From the Manager’s Desk, I’m Karen Holp.