KGOU's Financial Sustainability Is Up To You

Mar 24, 2014

Financial sustainability for KGOU!
Credit Nic McPhee / Flickr Creative Commons

For the last several weeks, I’ve been talking about mathematical problems, crowdfunding, and strength in numbers. All of these ideas lead to financial sustainability for KGOU.

Our mathematical problem is that each year, KGOU needs a substantial amount of private donations to pay for the various services KGOU provides.

Crowdfunding is the method we use to ask for your financial support each spring and fall.

Strength in numbers is the solution – when every listener who can do so becomes a member with some level of financial support.

Each listener can contribute to the financial sustainability of KGOU, and if you would do so, crowdfunding will work, my mathematical problem will be solved, and the financial sustainability for KGOU will be achieved for this fiscal year.

I ask you to join our “Strength in Numbers” campaign with your financial pledge of support, and thanks!