Lawyers Challenge Okla. Education Bond Program

Jun 28, 2013

A bond program used to fund facilities and equipment at state colleges and universities is being challenged as unconstitutional in the Oklahoma Supreme Court. 

The new state medical examiner's office would be built on the University of Central Oklahoma's campus
Credit Flickr/Creative Commons

The Tulsa World reports attorneys challenging the state's Master Lease Program argued their case Thursday before an Oklahoma Supreme Court referee.

The Oklahoma Development Finance Authority is seeking to sell bonds for various projects and wants the state's highest court to validate the projects.

But three different attorneys have filed challenges to the program. Attorneys Jerry Fent and Cliff Elliot, a former member of the Council of Bond Oversight, claim the entire program is unconstitutional.

A third attorney, Republican state Sen. Patrick Anderson of Enid, says the inclusion of a new $38.5 million building for the state medical examiner's office in the program is improper.