Leftover Paper And Food Trash From Concert Turned Into Fertile Soil

Jun 18, 2014

Food waste and paper products left over from thousands of concert-goes who attended a Gentlemen of the Road concert stop in Guthrie last fall have been composted and the soil will be offered to residents for gardening.

Credit jbloom /

More than 30,000 people attended the September tour stop featuring Mumford & Sons. The crowd quadrupled the size of the small Oklahoma town of about 10,000 residents and produced more than 24 tons of food waste and left over paper products. More than 18.5 tons were recycled while more than 5.5 tons were composted.

After decomposing for six months, the material has been broken down into fertile soil.

Residents of Guthrie will be able to pick up the compost for their own use on Saturday. It will also be used in parks.


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