For The Love Of KGOU

Feb 8, 2014

Happy Valentines Day
Credit KGOU

This is the most romantic week of the year, leading up to the most romantic day – Valentine’s Day.  Since the fourteen hundreds, this time has grown into a great tradition for expressions of love and appreciation. So many poems and cards, so many songs and movies all pay tribute to love.

You know, it is possible to show a little love for KGOU.  So I adapted a poem…. 

The rose is red, the violet is blue.

The sound is smart on KGOU.

You have my ear, I listen all day.

I want you to know this on Valentine’s Day.

The check has been sent, just so you know.

I want KGOU on my radio.

Financial support for KGOU is welcome at any time, but during the week of love, it is as good as a bouquet of flowers, or chocolate.

Maybe not chocolate!