Oklahoma County Sherriff's Office Has Vast Twitter Following

May 16, 2014

Oklahoma County's sheriff's office wants basketball fans and the Oklahoma City Thunder to know that streaking is illegal, but that loudly cheering has yet to land anyone in jail.

Credit Mace Ojala /

Mark Myers runs the sheriff's Twitter account as the office's official spokesman. The former TV reporter believes a non-traditional approach to social media helps engage followers so they pay attention when important news breaks.

And it appears to be working: The office's Twitter account has become one of the most popular in the nation for mid-sized law enforcement agencies.

Myers tweets in real time from DUI checkpoints and sends information about the area's most-wanted criminals. But he also cheers on the Oklahoma City Thunder, and even sends selfies of the sheriff.

Myers has helped the office attract 21,000 official Twitter followers.


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