Oklahoma State Agencies Seek More Than $1.1 Billion Spending Increase

Dec 12, 2013

Credit Katsrcool / Flickr Creative Commons

At least 37 state agencies hope to spend more than an additional $1.1 billion in fiscal year 2015, according to budget requests submitted to the Office of Management and Enterprises Services.

The agencies will be asking Gov. Mary Fallin and the Legislature to provide the bulk of that money, $806.0 million, the requests show.

The remainder would come from state revolving funds, $41.2 million, and the federal government, $277.2 million, the requests indicate.

A number of agencies, however, are not required to file budget requests with the office or had not done so at the time it produced the report for eCapitol. The requests for state appropriated funding, for example, does not include the Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education’s sought after $76.3 million funding increase or the Board of Career and Technology Education’s $35.0 million proposed increase.

Also absent from the report are requests from Fallin’s office and Lt. Gov. Todd Lamb’s office, plus the House and the Senate. Neither Fallin nor Lamb’s offices received additional funding for FY2014, the current fiscal year. Appropriations to both the House and Senate were increased $1 million for the current fiscal year over FY2013

Only the State Treasurer’s Office is seeking a decrease in state appropriated funds, the requests show. The treasurer is asking for a $377,000 reduction in state appropriated funding but an $83,000 increase in funding from state revolving funds, for a net decrease of $294,000.

Requests for increases in state appropriated funding range from as little as 4.37 percent or $1.9 million by the University Hospital’s Authority to as much as 349.41 percent or $43.7 million sought by the Oklahoma Historical Society.


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