Oklahoma Teacher Prep Commission Releases Survey Results

Sep 13, 2013

A new survey from the Commission for Teacher Preparation performed by CTB shows that first year teachers, both those traditionally educated and those alternatively certified, feel overall they are prepared for classroom instruction.

Credit comedy_nose / Flickr Creative Commons

The results were unveiled at the commission’s meeting Thursday. The survey, which was distributed to 2,059 first-year teachers across the state, assessed teachers’ challenges and strengths in the classroom.

The survey is distributed to all Oklahoma teacher preparation institutions for use in program improvement, Interim Executive Director Renée Launey-Rodolf said.

The survey was also sent to 554 administrators to contrast teacher responses. Launey-Rodolf said the commission saw a 33 percent rate of return for first-time teachers and administrators, an increase of 5 percent from previous years.

Of those teachers surveyed, 75 percent responded to being traditionally educated and 20 percent said they received alternative certification.

Approximately 35 percent of first-time teachers responded to having no mentor during the school year. That number is up 8 percent from the previous year. “Unfortunately, that number is increasing every year and that’s very sad,” Angie Bookout, assistant director of educator preparation and development, said.


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