Oklahoma Under State Of Emergency

Dec 5, 2013

All 77 of Oklahoma's counties are under a state of emergency. Gov. Mary Fallin issued the order Thursday afternoon as icy roads and frigid temperatures moved in to the state.

Traffic is at a crawl along southbound I-235 just north of the Dallas junction late Thursday afternoon. Forecasters say travel will be particularly dangerous overnight into Friday.
Credit Elizabeth Gwartney

A statement from the governor's office says emergency managers encouraged Fallin to declare the state of emergency before the full brunt of the storm arrives.

Forecasters with the National Weather Service say most of the snow and ice will fall in Oklahoma Thursday night into Friday.

Emergency management authorities are also concerned about prolonged sub-freezing temperatures forecast to last into next week.

The governor encouraged Oklahomans to stay off the roads, if at all possible. 

“The weather is bad and getting worse,” Fallin said in an emailed statement. “Emergency personnel are coordinating with state and local officials to ensure we are prepared and ready for whatever comes our way.” 
 Fallin’s Executive Order allows state agencies to make emergency purchases related to disaster relief and preparedness. It is also a first step toward seeking federal assistance should it be necessary. The state Emergency Operations Center is active and teams are positioned throughout Oklahoma where stranded motorists are most likely to need help. Emergency officials have also put emergency generators in areas where electrical outages are likely due ice collecting on power lines and poles. Under the order, the state of emergency lasts for 30 days.----------------------------

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