Phosphorus Far Less In Oklahoma's Waterways

Mar 25, 2014

The Environmental Protection Agency says Oklahoma ranks second in the nation for reducing harmful nutrients from streams and rivers.

The Illinois River in eastern Oklahoma.
Credit Schlüsselbein2007 / Flickr (Creative Commons)

It's the fifth year in a row that Oklahoma has ranked in the top 10 among states in reported non-point source nutrient reductions.

Kim Farber, president of the Oklahoma Association of Conservation Districts, says continued improvement of the state's water quality is due to the success of the dedicated, voluntary work of farmers, ranchers and other landowners in partnership with the Oklahoma Conservation Commission, the EPA and other conservation agencies.

Water quality numbers reported by the states show that in 2013,Oklahoma's Nonpoint Source Program led the nation in phosphorus reduction for the third straight year with more than one million pounds of phosphorus load reduced due to voluntary management practices.


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