Prison Worker Pay Hike Fails

Mar 12, 2013

OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) — A bill to provide a 5 percent pay increase for Oklahoma's prison workers has stalled in a House committee.

Credit Kenny Breedlove / Flickr

The House Calendar Committee on Tuesday tabled the bill by Darcoma Republican Rep. Jeff Hickman. Aside from a 5 percent pay hike for all prison workers, the bill would have boosted the starting pay for correctional officers from $11.83 per hour to $14 per hour. It would have cost about $12.2 million annually and was the top request by the Department of Corrections for additional funding.

The newly created Calendar Committee is a final stop before bills are presented on the floor for consideration.

The committee approved a separate bill by Hickman to increase the pay of Oklahoma Highway Patrol troopers.