"Red" Brings Brush With Genius To OKC Stage

Nov 22, 2013

The color red evokes images, thoughts and feelings.

The Tony award winning play, "Red," opens Friday in Oklahoma City.
Credit OKC City Rep

We live in a red state. Red lipstick on the rim of a glass. Danger is red. Wine that goes great with a medium rare prime rib. Blood is red. In the late 1950s, red was also associated with the work of the artist, Mark Rothko.

Starting Friday night, Oklahomans can get a glimpse of the artist, his passion and struggles as he created some of the most well-known modern art pieces of his time.

Oklahoma City Repertory Theatre is staging the Oklahoma premiere of the Tony award winning play, “Red,” in the Freede Little Theatre at the Civic Center Music Hall.

D. Lance Marsh takes on the role of the artist, Rothko, and Aaron Wertheim is his mentee, Ken. Michael Jones directs the performance.

The stage is held by a trio: the artist, his young mentee and the art. As Marsh says, the play is witty, intelligent and dense. The audience leans forward into the two characters and the large red, brown canvases. Jones says many people leave the theatre in tears.

Marsh, who is not a fan of modern art, says the subtitle of this production could be, “Really smart, interesting people behaving badly.”

The play, “Red,” opens Friday night at 7:30 p.m. and plays at the same time Saturday evening. There are also two matinees Saturday and Sunday afternoons at 1:30 p.m. The play is rated R and is intended for adult audiences.