Regents: Average Likely Tuition Hike Under 5 Percent

Jun 27, 2013

The Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education heard from the state’s university and college presidents Wednesday to discuss tuition and fee increases for the coming school year.

The cost of a college education is expected to increase in Oklahoma.
Credit Tax Credits / Flickr Creative Commons

ECapitol reports, if the regents approve the increases, costs for attendance at Oklahoma’s institutions of higher learning will go up 4.7 percent, on average.

The jump in price is slightly lower than recent years. In 2009 Oklahoma was among a very small number of states that kept tuition rates static, but the cost has increased at least 5 percent every year since, with a high of 5.8 percent in 2011.

Some of the smaller universities were able to keep their increases low, like Southwestern Oklahoma State University, which raised its tuition by three percent. While others, such as the University of Science and Arts of Oklahoma and Murray State College, are asking for 7.2 and 7.1 increases respectively.