Religous School Choice Ruling Appealed

Aug 29, 2014

Attorney General Pruitt said a judge's ruling is discriminatory to religious schools and plans to appeal.
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Attorney General Scott Pruitt announced Thursday that he will appeal a ruling invalidating a scholarship program for religiously affiliated schools.

Pruitt said the ruling made recently by a district court judge would prevent parents of children with disabilities to fund their child’s attendance of a school of their choosing.  The judge ruled that funds from the Lindsey Nicole Henry Scholarship program could not send students with disabilities to religiously affiliated schools. 

“This scholarship program empowers parents of children with disabilities to obtain scholarship monies from the local school district to fund their child’s enrollment and attendance in a private school of their choosing,” Pruitt said. “Prohibiting the use of Lindsey Nicole Henry Scholarship funds from being used to send students with disabilities to religiously affiliated schools would require the state to discriminate against those schools. That is highly troublesome and why we will appeal the ruling.”

For now, the scholarship remains unchanged pending appeal.


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