Sound Programming Needs Solid Listener Support

Oct 6, 2013

Karen Holp in Membership Central
Credit Laura Knoll

 October 6, 2013

This is from the Manager’s Desk.

In preparation for the membership drive, I’ve been looking at the costs of the various programs on KGOU.

Of course, the morning, noon and evening week day programs are the most expensive – both to acquire from NPR and to add the local news and information. But the three together – Morning Edition, Here and Now and All Things Considered add up to about $20,000 per week.

The entire rest of the schedule adds up to about $8,000 per week. And we all know there are a lot great shows in there that you love.

That is why our twice annual membership drives are so important. Of course, we like to have a little fun, but the aim is very serious. The sound reporting, the excellent conversations, the community information, the great music – all of it needs listener support.

Private support is 63 percent of our budget this year. Please do your part. Pledge now at

And this week we have a second report -- 

Thanks. From the Manager’s Desk, I’m Karen Holp.