Together we can do it!

Apr 14, 2013


 This is from the Manager’s Desk.

As I’ve been pondering KGOU’s fortunes, I realized something I want to confess this week. You may find it strange, but maybe not.

I do like KGOU’s membership drives. There it is. I like the membership drives for two reasons.

Of course I like them because you contribute and we raise the funds that are critical to keeping KGOU a strong source of news, music and information.

But there is another reason reaching the financial goal means so much. There are a lot of names I know because I’ve read them on-air during the membership drive. The KGOU staff and I do get to know you.

Over the years we have met members of KGOU at events, when you tour the station, or we meet accidentally somewhere. Of course, I probably would not recognize you just out and about, but many times if you say your name, I might recognize you.

Let’s get to know each other more this coming week.

Thanks! From the Manager’s Desk, I’m Karen Holp.