Toyota Blaming Driver For Deadly Accident

Oct 24, 2013

An Oklahoma County jury is considering whether an alleged defect in a Toyota Camry's electronics system caused the vehicle to accelerate unexpectedly, leading to an accident that killed one woman and seriously injured another.

Credit dbrooksNY /

Attorneys for the plaintiffs and Toyota Motor Corp. delivered closing arguments in the case Thursday.

Jean Bookout, then 76, was driving a 2005 Toyota Camry when it crashed in 2007 near Eufaula (yoo-FAW'-luh). She was injured and 70-year-old passenger Barbara Schwarz was killed.

The plaintiffs' attorneys contend Toyota knew about problems with its electronic throttle-control system, but concealed those from the public.

Toyota's attorney says there is no evidence the crash was related to a software defect, and that Bookoout's accident likely resulted from driver error.


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