Unemployment Up In 75 Oklahoma Counties

Jul 31, 2013

The state's two largest metropolitan areas, Oklahoma City and Tulsa, also showed an increase in the unemployment rate. Oklahoma City retains its second place spot as one of the nation's largest metro areas with low unemployment. The OKC area slipped to number two behind Minneapolis in May.
Credit U.S. Census Bureau

County unemployment rates increased in Oklahoma in June, according to data released Tuesday by the Oklahoma Employment Security Commission, and vary across the state.

Roger Mills County claimed Oklahoma’s lowest county unemployment rate in June at 2.6 percent and Latimer County reported the state’s highest county unemployment rate in June at 9.2 percent.

Nearly six times as many people—395--were seeking and unable to find employment in Latimer County than in Rogers Mills County--70.

Latimer County is of one of several southeast Oklahoma counties which typically dominate the state’s top 10 with the highest unemployment rate. Simultaneously, one-half of the state’s counties with the highest unemployment rates also have labor forces under 10,000 people.