UPDATE: Authorities Capture All Four Lincoln County Jail Escapees

Law enforcement has captured all four inmates who escaped from the Lincoln County Jail early Monday morning. United States Marshals apprehended the final escapee, 23-year-old Brian Allen Moody, in Lincoln County on Thursday.

The other three inmates, 41-year-old Sonny Baker, 31-year-old Jeremy Tyson Irvin and 27-year-old Trey Goodnight were captured on Wednesday morning.

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Law enforcement has captured three of the four inmates who escaped from the Lincoln County Jail earlier this week.

Lincoln County Sheriff's deputies captured Sonny Baker, 41, on Wednesday morning. Officials are still searching for the last inmate, 23-year-old Brian Allen Moody.

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Accused killer Jeremy Irvin and fellow escapee Trey Goodnight were captured early Wednesday morning near Dale, Okla..

As the manhunt approached the 48-hour mark, the Oklahoma Highway Patrol, U.S. Marshals Service and local agencies closed in on a campsite located along the North Canadian River.

Fishermen first spotted the men yesterday evening and alerted authorizes. The search continues for Brian Moody and Sonny Baker. 

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Original Post:

Law enforcement officials are searching for four inmates who escaped the Lincoln County Jail by crawling through the ventilation system Monday morning.

The Lincoln County Sheriff's office reports that the men escaped from the jail in Chandler between 1 a.m. and 4 a.m. 

The escapees include 31-year-old Jeremy Tyson Irvin, who was being held on first degree murder charges.  He is accused of killing Robert Goodwin, Jr. in Stroud in 2016.

The other inmates, 27-year-old Trey Goodnight, 23-year-old Brian Allen Moody and 41-year-old Sonny Baker, were being held on property charges.  Baker and Moody previously escaped from the Lincoln County Jail in March and were later recaptured.

The Pottawatomie County Sheriff's office reported finding a white Dodge pickup truck believed to have been abandoned by the escapees on Highway 102 just south of Highway 9.

Anyone with any information on the escaped inmates is encouraged to call 911 or the Lincoln County Sheriff's office at (405) 258-1191.

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