VIDEO: Coburn, Lankford Floor Speeches On Gov't Shutdown

Oct 3, 2013

U.S. Sen. Tom Coburn (R-Okla.) and President Obama shake hands in this undated photo.
Credit Tom Coburn / Facebook

Oklahoma’s U.S. Senator Tom Coburn and Congressman James Lankford both took to the floors of their respective chambers Wednesday.

Coburn says the current impasse between House Republicans and Senate Democrats is the product of inaction, and the continuing resolution shows they haven’t been doing their job anyway.

"And one of the reasons we are where we are is, I think, failed leadership,” Coburn says. “Both by Republicans and Democrats.”

The state’s junior Republican Senator says the continuing resolution actually adds $38 billion to the federal budget.

“The way you get rid of trillion-dollar deficits is a billion dollars at a time. Or $38 billion at a time,” Coburn says. “So I'm disheartened that we're playing walnut shell game on the American people with this bill.”

Coburn says even though he disagrees with much of the Affordable Care Act, changing the law at this time "is probably not going to happen."

Lankford spoke on the House floor Wednesday about what he calls "reasonable proposals" both Republicans and Democrats should be able to agree on.

The Fifth District Republican wants to remove the exemption from members of Congress and the White House.

"For my colleagues that support Obamacare, I am amazed that they're fighting like crazy to not be in it,” Lankford says. “At this point, we should meet face-to-face. I was pleased to see the president say he wants to meet. I was disappointed to say he wants to meet to say he won't negotiate. Let's meet face-to-face and solve this.”

Lankford also says he wants to take away penalties for enrollees in the insurance exchanges if they make a mistake or have problems during the first year.


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