VIDEO: Mick Cornett Describes Oklahoma City's Vibrancy On 'Meet The Press'

Sep 8, 2014

Oklahoma City Mayor Mick Cornett participated in a discussion Sunday about how mayors in several major American cities are changing the way government works. Cornett appeared alongside Pittsburgh Mayor Bill Peduto and Tacoma, Washington Mayor Marilyn Strickland on Sunday's episode of Meet The Press.

Oklahoma City's Republican chief executive has advocated for tax increases in the past, and he told the show's moderator Chuck Todd residents differentiate between the type of government they don't mind paying for and the type they don't like to pay for.

"I think they like capital projects that they can go up and touch and feel and they know they're going to be long-lasting," Cornett said. "I think they're less enthused about social programs that they really wonder how efficiently-run they are."

The first episode with the new Meet The Press host also featured an interview with President Obama discussing the great divide between Republicans and Democrats, and Cornett said it’s up to the executive branch to bridge that gap.

"It's what I do with my city council, I think it's one of the ways that our city's been able to move forward so rapidly,” Cornett said.

During a longer segment where Cornett showed NBC's Kevin Tibbles around Oklahoma City, the mayor said the secret to the city’s vibrancy is attracting people.


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