Backstage Jazz

Sundays 11 p.m. - 12 a.m.
  • Hosted by Jeremy Gossett

Backstage Jazz takes you behind the music and into the lives of America’s top jazz musicians. The program features a mix of live music recorded at jazz venues across Oklahoma and surrounding regions, combined with fresh new album releases.

Between performances, Emmy award-winning producer and host Jeremy Gossett takes you backstage for candid interviews with local and national jazz artists in which they’ll share life stories and insights into their music.

More about the show

Jeremy Gossett with Kini Kay at mixing board, overseeing recording session
Jeremy Gossett Productions

Following a “soft” launch in July, KGOU commits to full season of Backstage Jazz.

Hosted by resident jazz lover and independent producer Jeremy Gossett, Backstage Jazz is the culmination of Gossett’s three-year quest to create a radio program that showcases both regionally-admired and internationally recognized jazz artists. Gossett told the Oklahoma Gazette what he means by “Backstage”.