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OKC Bombing: 20 Years Later
10:22 am
Fri April 17, 2015

That April Morning: The Oklahoma City Bombing

The Oklahoma City National Memorial and Museum
Brian Hardzinski KGOU

The bomb that destroyed the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in downtown Oklahoma City killed 168 people - including 19 children. It injured hundreds more, and forever shaped the community.

April 19, 1995 started as an idyllic spring morning - clear skies, calm winds - better than most Wednesdays during the state’s usually-turbulent severe weather season. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary. Workers showed up to their jobs, and went about their regular routines.

That all changed at 9:02 a.m.

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Oklahoma Voices
11:56 am
Mon April 13, 2015

OETA's Stateline Explores Cancer Research In Oklahoma

Cancer is a leading cause of death in Oklahoma, and in 2012, cancer treatment cost Oklahomans more than $713 million. And as death rates from cancer have been dropping rapidly in the US, the decline in Oklahoma has been less precipitous.

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Oklahoma Voices
11:25 am
Mon April 6, 2015

Congressman Steve Russell On Medicare 'Doc Fix', Iran And Hunting Saddam Hussein

U.S. Rep. Steve Russell (R-Okla.) says the United States shouldn't "accommodate" Iran in ongoing nuclear talks.
Credit Jacob McCleland / KGOU

Steve Russell’s new career is a lot different than his previous one. 

The first term Congressman from Oklahoma’s fifth district is settling into his new job after spending 21 years in the Army, where he rose to the rank of lieutenant colonel.

He served all over the globe, including in Kosovo, Kuwait, Afghanistan and Iraq. His unit played a key role in the search for Saddam Hussein. Russell wrote a book about it, We Got Him! A Memoir of The Hunt and Capture of Saddam Hussein.

KGOU’s Jacob McCleland spoke to Russell, a Republican, following a town hall meeting at the University of Central Oklahoma in Edmond on April 2, 2015.

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Oklahoma Voices
12:26 pm
Mon March 23, 2015

Lawmakers Discuss Dashboard Recordings, Body Cameras, And Oklahoma’s Open Records Future

Image of House Bill 1361
Credit Oklahoma House of Representatives

Two lawmakers with a history of filing open records-friendly legislation gathered with supporters of government transparency to discuss recent legislative measures they said ran counter to the spirit of the state’s Open Records Act.

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Religion and Politics
9:28 am
Mon March 16, 2015

Professor Argues In Favor Of Hobby Lobby's Supreme Court Case

Credit Fan of Retail / Flickr Creative Commons

The United States is a divided nation and Americans need to figure out how to live together, according to Vincent Phillip Muñoz, Tocqueville Associate Professor of Religion and Public Life at the University of Notre Dame. Muñoz spoke at a recent lecture entitled "Hobby Lobby, Obamacare & the Future of Religious Freedom" at the University of Oklahoma’s Fred Jones Auditorium.

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Oklahoma Voices
11:58 am
Mon March 9, 2015

Panel On Oklahoma’s Tax Incentive Policies: "Reform Is Overdue"

Panelists discuss tax credit reform at OK Policy’s 2015 State Budget Summit.

While many tax experts and state officials acknowledge Oklahoma’s tax breaks and incentives need reform, the state legislature has taken little action to do so. A group of state officials and policy experts discussed why they believe action is necessary during a “Tax Credit Reform – From Talk To Action?” panel - part of the Oklahoma Policy Institute’s 2nd Annual State Budget Summit

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Oklahoma Voices
11:19 am
Mon March 2, 2015

Panel On Oklahoma’s Economy: A Growing State With A Declining Workforce

Credit okpolicy.org

Unresolved issues tied to education, incarceration and mental health services will hamstring Oklahoma’s ability to remain among the nation’s top 5 fastest growing economies, a panel of government officials and economists concluded during the Oklahoma Policy Institute’s 2nd Annual State Budget Summit.

On January 29, OPI Director of Policy Gene Perry led the panel through “An Economic Check-Up” of the state’s current economic conditions and fiscal policies. 

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Oklahoma Voices
1:02 pm
Mon February 23, 2015

Economist Katz Urges Oklahomans To Adapt To Changing Economy

Bruce Katz, vice president and founding director of the Metropolitan Policy Program, regularly advises national, state, regional and municipal leaders on policy reforms that advance the competitiveness of metropolitan areas.

Organized citizens of large cities can be a greater force of innovation in leadership than state or federal governments, according to the vice president of the Brookings Institution.

Bruce Katz discussed the premise of his book The Metropolitan Revolution during a January 28 event at the University of Central Oklahoma. He emphasized the country’s economic growth model needs to “get back to the fundamentals” without relying on state and federal governments to lead the way.

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Oklahoma Voices
11:03 am
Mon February 16, 2015

Oklahoma's Crime-Funded Court System Leaves Many Offenders With Substantial Debt

Exodus House, a prisoner re-entry program, in Oklahoma City
Kate Carlton Greer KGOU

For more than two decades, Oklahoma has increasingly turned to fines and fees from court cases to pay for the court system itself. An investigation between KGOU and Oklahoma Watch called Prisoners of Debt reveals that as many inmates regain their freedom, they’re still imprisoned by mountains of debt.

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Oklahoma Voices
11:00 am
Mon February 9, 2015

VIDEO: Lack Of Funding, Leadership Among Topics Of Mental-Health Forum

Lack of funding and access to services and lack of political will have prevented many Oklahomans with mental illness and addiction problems from getting the help they need, leaders in the field told an Oklahoma City audience Tuesday night.

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