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Reporter Tennessee Watson takes us inside the arduous process of seeking justice in her own child sexual abuse case. Her story exposes discrepancies in prosecutors’ responses and spotlights a lack of accountability.
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In light of the conviction of former USA Gymnastics doctor Larry Nassar, we’re revisiting an award-winning investigation from 2016.   

Reporter Tennessee Watson says she was sexually abused by her gymnastics coach when she was a kid in the 1980s. More than 25 years later, when she learned he still was coaching children, she called the police. Her inside account of the painful process of seeking justice in her own case exposes discrepancies in prosecutors’ responses to reports of child sexual abuse and spotlights a lack of accountability.

Lawmakers Consider Erin’s Law During Interim Study

Oct 25, 2014
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Members of the Senate Education Committee considered implementation of personal body safety education in schools during an interim study Wednesday afternoon. Interim Study S14-038 was requested by Sen. Wayne Shaw, R-Grove.

Lawmakers were informed about Erin’s Law, which is named after childhood sexual assault survivor and activist Erin Merryn, founder and president of Erin’s Law.

“One in four girls and one in six boys will experience sexual abuse,” Merryn said during testimony before the committee. “The sad reality is kids don’t talk about that.”

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Supporters of Erin’s Law, a child sexual abuse prevention law adopted by 19 other states, urged members of the House Human Services Committee to back a portion of the law that calls for sexual abuse education for children.

“Child abuse is a problem. It’s a systemic problem. It crosses all social-economic boundaries,” said Carolyn McAllister, a member of the Payne County Sexual Abuse Prevention Task Force, said during the committee’s hearing on Interim Study 14H-014. The study was requested by Rep. Lee Denney, R-Cushing.