Oklahoma News
1:37 pm
Mon March 30, 2015

Colorado Attorney General Comments On Marijuana Lawsuit

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Colorado's attorney general says the Nebraska and Oklahoma lawsuit that asks the U.S. Supreme court to curtail Colorado's new recreational marijuana law could have dire consequences for all three states.

Attorney General Cynthia Coffman says if the U.S. Supreme Court sides with the two states that border Colorado, the decision would take away the regulatory system that Colorado has built, while leaving the vote to legalize marijuana intact.

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Politics and Government
5:38 pm
Wed January 7, 2015

Utah Will Not Join Oklahoma And Nebraska In Marijuana Lawsuit

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Gov. Gary Herbert says Utah has no plans to join two other states in suing Colorado over that state's legalization of marijuana.

The Deseret News reports Herbert said Tuesday afternoon that despite no current plans to sue, Utah is keeping an eye on marijuana legalization in its neighbor state.

Nebraska and Oklahoma filed a lawsuit last month asking the U.S. Supreme Court to declare Colorado's legalization of marijuana unconstitutional.

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Oklahoma News
5:11 pm
Mon January 5, 2015

GOP Legislators Criticize AG Scott Pruitt Over Marijuana Lawsuit

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Several Republican Oklahoma legislators are criticizing Attorney General Scott Pruitt for his decision to join Nebraska in a lawsuit against Colorado over that state's legalization of marijuana.

A group of seven GOP legislators wrote to Pruitt, also a Republican, voicing their concern over the lawsuit asking the U.S. Supreme Court to declare Colorado's legalization of marijuana unconstitutional.

Owasso Republican Rep. Mike Ritze says his concern is not about marijuana, but about the right of states to "govern themselves as they see fit."

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Politics and Government
3:39 pm
Thu December 18, 2014

Oklahoma And Nebraska Sue Colorado Over Marijuana Legalization

Credit Dank Depot / Flickr Creative Commons

Nebraska and Oklahoma are asking the U.S. Supreme Court to declare Colorado's legalization of marijuana unconstitutional.

Nebraska Attorney General Jon Bruning announced Thursday that the states are seeking a court order to prevent Colorado from enforcing a measure that was approved by voters in 2012. Bruning says Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt is also a party to the lawsuit.

The complaint alleges that Colorado's Amendment 64 runs afoul of federal law.

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Native American
11:28 am
Fri December 12, 2014

Pot Sales Unlikely In Oklahoma Despite Federal Announcement About Tribes

Credit Dank Depot / Flickr Creative Commons

The U.S. Justice Department said Thursday Native American tribes can grow and sell marijuana on tribal lands, as long as they follow the same federal conditions laid out for states that have legalized the drug.

But pot sales likely won't be coming to Oklahoma anytime soon.

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State Capitol
7:38 am
Tue November 25, 2014

Echols To Propose Legislation For Research Of Cannabinoid Extract

Credit Dank Depot / Flickr Creative Commons

In a joint interim study on Monday regarding the use of Cannabinoid (CBD) extract for the treatment of severe seizure disorders, Rep. Jon Echols, R-Oklahoma City, stated that he expects to propose legislation in the upcoming session to allow for medical trials of non-intoxicating CBD with low Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) levels. 

Pediatric Neurologist Dr. Amy Stauffer stated that there are no good human studies as of yet, though some animal models have shown a positive effect.

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2014 Elections
8:47 am
Mon October 13, 2014

Stark Contrasts On Same-Sex Marriage, Marijuana As Senate Candidates Debate

State Sen. Connie Johnson (D-Oklahoma City) and U.S. Rep. James Lankford (R-Okla. 5) during Tuesday night's U.S. Senate canddiate debate.

The two nominees for Oklahoma’s open U.S. Senate seat squared off Tuesday night in a debate at Oklahoma State University ahead of the November 4 elections. Republian nominee and U.S. Rep. James Lankford (R-Okla. 5) and his Democratic challenger state Sen. Connie Johnson (D-Oklahoma City) are seeking to complete the final two years of retiring U.S. Sen. Tom Coburn’s term in office.

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2:39 pm
Tue September 2, 2014

Industrial Hemp Is Poised For A Comeback, But Hemp Seeds Hard To Come By

Hemp can be refined into products including foods, rope, cloth, paper and fuel. (Jon Kalish)

Originally published on Tue September 2, 2014 2:12 pm

For the first time in decades, industrial hemp crops were planted in Kentucky, Colorado and Vermont this spring. A dozen other states have passed legislation in support of hemp farming, and the latest farm bill eased restrictions on cultivation in some states.

Industrial hemp could be poised for a comeback in the U.S., but there are a couple of roadblocks. Hemp remains a controlled substance, according to the federal government, which says it is illegal to grow it or import viable hemp seeds for planting.

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Oklahoma News
11:40 am
Wed August 13, 2014

Fallin Supports Limited Use Of Cannabis Oil

The bud of a Cannabis sativa flower coated with trichomes.
Credit Wikimedia Commons

Gov. Mary Fallin says she supports the legalization of an oil derived from cannabis, but says she remains firmly opposed to legalizing all medical marijuana.

Fallin asked lawmakers Wednesday to support the legalization of cannabidiol, which is an oil derived from the marijuana plant. The oil can only be taken orally and is non-psychoactive. Research suggests it may be effective to treat toddlers with rare conditions that cause seizures and strokes.

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Politics and Government
8:29 pm
Wed July 16, 2014

Bureau Of Narcotics: Object To Initiative To Legalize Marijuana But Prepare For Passage

Darrell Weaver, Director, OBNDDC
Credit Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs Control

As the petition to put the legalization of marijuana on the ballots for a vote are still circulating, the Oklahoma State Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs Control is standing its ground in opposition of the question but preparing for its possible passage.

Executive Director Darrell Weaver said during Tuesday’s board meeting that “we’re all aware that this petition is out there” and that “probably this and prescription drugs, is the number one thing that most states are addressing.”

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