Multitasks With Multiple Users
5:23 pm
Fri August 29, 2014

UCO Receives Grant To Fund Cluster Supercomputer Named "Buddy"

Credit Dennis van Zuljlekom /

A University of Central Oklahoma professor of engineering and physics has been awarded a $304,745 research grant from the National Science Foundation to fund a cluster supercomputer.

Professor Evan Lemley and the Edmond university's Center for Research and Education in Interdisciplinary Computation received the grant.

A cluster supercomputer allows multiple users to work on problems much larger than any one computer or user could handle alone.

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Comprehensive Review
4:43 pm
Fri August 29, 2014

Civil Rights Groups And Death Row Attorneys Call For Execution Protocol Report

Credit Andrew Bardwell /

Attorneys for death row inmates and civil rights groups are calling on Oklahoma to swiftly release a comprehensive review of the state's execution protocols after an inmate's troubled execution earlier this year.

The groups called on the state Friday to release the report surrounding inmate Clayton Lockett's April 29 execution after it took Lockett about 43 minutes to die after his lethal injection began.

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Oklahoma News
2:36 pm
Fri August 29, 2014

Religous School Choice Ruling Appealed

Attorney General Pruitt said a judge's ruling is discriminatory to religious schools and plans to appeal.
Credit Facebook

Attorney General Scott Pruitt announced Thursday that he will appeal a ruling invalidating a scholarship program for religiously affiliated schools.

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World Views
11:32 am
Fri August 29, 2014

'Glee' Actor And OU Alum Iqbal Theba On Diversity, Unexpected Career About-Face

Iqbal Theba addresses University of Oklahoma students in April 2014.
CISSnapshot Tumblr

When Iqbal Theba arrived at the University of Oklahoma from Pakistan in the early 1980s, he planned to become a construction manager. Instead, Theba became one of the most prominent South Asian actors in the United States.

Best known for his role as Principal Figgins on the hit series Glee, Theba has appeared in dozens of television shows, commercials, and movies, including Community and ER.

He discovered his love for acting when he went to see an OU friend perform in a play.

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Oklahoma News
10:14 am
Fri August 29, 2014

OETA Considers Tower Deconstruction An Opportunity

The OETA tower scheduled to be demolished later this year.
Credit Mickie Smith / OETA

The Oklahoma Educational Television Authority plans to take advantage of the deconstructing of the tower in their “backyard” by turning it into an “educational opportunity.”

A year and a half ago Griffin Communications announced they would be taking the tower down, a “business decision due to liability issues” according to OETA Executive Director Dan Schiedel.

“They haven’t been on it for a number of years,” said Schiedel. “They’ve actually been off the tower and up the road, where we are at now, for a number of years now.”

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9:05 am
Fri August 29, 2014

Writing Test Scores To Be Left Out Of A-F Report Card

State Superintendent Janet Barresi during an April 2014 press conference announcing problems with the state's standardized testing vendor.
Nate Robson Oklahoma Watch

State Superintendent Janet Barresi announced Thursday the State Department of Education will not be counting certain fifth and eighth grade test scores in the calculation of this year’s A-F school report cards.

Her decision comes after various school district leaders expressed concerns with the accuracy of those results after the testing disruptions that occurred during the testing period in spring.

State education officials said districts saw “many instances of across-the-board scores of the same numerical value from testing vendor CTB-McGraw Hill.”

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7:58 am
Fri August 29, 2014

$52.7 Million In Tobacco Trust Earnings Certified

Credit Brian Hardzinski / KGOU

State Treasurer Ken Miller says Oklahoma's Tobacco Settlement Endowment Trust Board of Investors certified $52.7 million in annual earnings Thursday. The money will be used to fund the prevention and reduction of tobacco use and other health issues. 

“We are carefully investing the funds to ensure Oklahomans get the most benefit,” Miller said in a statement. “This certification reflects an increase of $13.6 million or 35 percent over the funds made available last year from Oklahoma’s share of the tobacco settlement.”

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Business Intelligence Report
6:30 am
Fri August 29, 2014

East And West, Health Care Expansion Spurs Growth

A new interchange has been proposed at Interstate 40 and Frisco Road in Yukon.
Brent Fuchs The Journal Record

Where retail growth might have once sprung from a mall, progress now may be heralded by a health care facility, as shown in recent developments in both Yukon and Shawnee, according to the Journal Record newspaper.

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Death Penalty
10:00 pm
Thu August 28, 2014

Dallas ME Rules Drugs Killed Lockett In Troubled Execution

Clayton Lockett
Credit Oklahoma Department of Corrections

The Texas medical examiner charged with conducting an independent autopsy of the body of Clayton Lockett ruled in June he died as a result of “judicial execution by lethal injection.” The report said all three execution drugs were found throughout Lockett's system.

The autopsy and a series of related documents were released Thursday by the Department of Public Safety.

Commissioner Mike Thompson was ordered by Gov. Mary Fallin to conduct an investigation into Lockett’s execution.

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7:47 pm
Thu August 28, 2014

Wide Range Of Reactions To NCLB Waiver Denial

Credit Terrapin Flyer / Flickr Creative Commons

Here are more reactions to the U.S. Department of Education’s rejection of Oklahoma’s application for a continued waiver from the “No Child Left Behind” laws.

The Oklahoma Policy Institute highlighted a blog post from June 3, 2014 that outlined the jeopardy Oklahoma might face with the repeal of the Common Core standards adopted in 2010:

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