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A beautiful ballerina and a handsome prince are at the heart of the world's most famous ballets. Sleeping Beauty. Swan Lake. The Nutcracker, of course.

And at training grounds for future dancers, plenty of girls hope to someday wear the prima ballerina's tutu.

But it's become a challenge to find the boys who will one day form the other half of the pas de deux.

'Cooties And Stuff'

Arturo O'Farrill On Piano Jazz

Aug 21, 2015

Pianist, composer and bandleader Arturo O'Farrill is the son of the late Chico O'Farrill (1921–2001). A multiple Grammy winner, the younger O'Farrill has contributed to contemporary Latin jazz as leader of the Afro Cuban Jazz Orchestra, and as founder of the Afro Latin Jazz Alliance.

In a grassy Vermont field as a horse skitters in the distance, dancer Chatch Pregger is scaling a makeshift barn. He stretches his arms outward, holding an E for East in his hand. As the chicken feathers on his head flutter in the breeze, it's easy indeed to imagine him as a graceful weathervane rooster.

Tony Award-winning director Diane Paulus has a knack for developing works that make it to Broadway. She premiered Finding Neverland, Pippin and The Gershwins' Porgy and Bess at the American Repertory Theater in Cambridge, Mass., before bringing those productions to Manhattan. Now, Paulus has another potential hit on her hands: her musical adaptation of the 2007 indie film Waitress.


As a longtime Maine resident, Here & Now resident chef Kathy Gunst is very familiar with the state’s most famous export: lobster. As she told host Jeremy Hobson, when she has summer guests, “does anybody want to have chicken? No. Does anybody want to have salad? No. Everyone wants lobster!”

Americans Ate Sushi In The Early 1900s

Aug 17, 2015

Take a walk through your local grocery store and chances are that on some refrigerated shelf you will find sushi. While this may be a recent addition to your grocers’ fridge, sushi has been around in America longer than you might think.

Here & Now’s Robin Young explores the history of sushi in America with H.D. Miller, food historian and professor of history at Lipscomb University.

Since coming out as a lesbian in 1980 at the age of 19, graphic novelist Alison Bechdel has made it a point to be open about her sexuality. It was a decision she made consciously as a reaction to her father, who was gay and closeted, and who died four months after Bechdel came out.